Morrison Knudsen - Grande Cache

Grande Cache

The Company has provided construction and engineering services since 1970 in mines like Grande Cache, Alberta. At Grande Cache the Company excavated close to 60,000,000 cubic yards of stripping per year of over burden to access coal deposits. We further conducted mining infrastructure in Sparwood, Fernie, Wabamun and Tumbler Ridge situated in the Canadian Rockies and prairies.

Morrison Knudsen - Black Creek

Black Creek

The Company has a five year mining and development contract for the Black Creek mine in Wyoming. The Company is performing all civil infrastructure, stripping and contract mining on the project.

Morrison Knudsen

As the Company continues its legacy and reputation as a leading mine developer and contractor throughout the Americas we have just recently purchased 60 new pieces of mining equipment. The new machinery is currently employed on several projects in Montana and Wyoming.

MK Atherton

Enchanted Hills

The Company is performing the infrastructure and engineering for the Enchanted Hills housing development near Portola Valley, California. Under the $430 million contract MK is performing the mass grading which totals 36 million cubic yards, storm drains, erosion control, utilities, asphalt paving, soil stabilization and all the civil engineering for the exclusive development in the Woodside Highlands.

Morrison Knudsen Mining project

Contract Mining


The Company continues its work as a first in class mining partner throughout North and South America. Overburden removal and contract mining continue in the country’s largest coal mines in Wyoming, Montana, Texas, Arizona, Ohio, Alaska and Colorado. Annual excavation volumes are in excess of 300 million cubic yards as we enter our seventh decade as a leading global contractor in the mining industry.

Ruby Valley and Pilot Mountain

Under the Company’s P3 Division we are cleaning up several abandoned mines in the Ruby Valley and Pilot Mountain areas of northern Nevada. The sites are located in both Shoshone Tribal areas as well as federal lands. We are re-mediating all toxic soils, restoring creeks, ponds and lakes to their natural state and building several upgraded roads for the Tribes access in the area for commerce, hunting and fishing. The $450 million contract is being performed under an agreement with the Nevada Bureau of Mines; the EPA; the Department of the Interior; the BLM and the Tribe. The contract has a 16 month time frame in which all the sites will be available for future development for the Shoshone people.

Highway 224

The Company is performing a $170 million bridge and highway contract on the State of Utah’s Highway 224 near Park City. The contract has several rock cuts that will expand the highway’s capacity and take out several dangerous, blind curves on the road. All new bridges constructed are designed and built by the Company to Federal standards to meet the future capacity of the road. The State expects traffic to increase by 15% per year at the thriving Park City area.

Oakland Harbor

The Company is currently upgrading the Oakland Harbor by dredging; adding lift capacity and constructing additional docks for container ships. Morrison Knudsen has been working on the Port of Oakland since it’s original upgrade in the late 1960’s where the Company used excess material from its BART light rail project where we were constructing the Berkley Hills Tunnel. Since the 1950’s the Company has worked on every facet of the Harbor and the surrounding infrastructure which includes all the rail lines, bridges, all roads and freeways to the Port of Oakland and the Company’s landmark Bay Bridge. With these multi-million dollar upgrades being performed by Morrison Knudsen the Port hopes to keep its ranking as the 5th busiest harbor in America.

Barrow, Alaska

The Company has a 3 year oil and gas upgrade contract for several facilities near Barrow, Alaska. Work includes a number of new compressor stations, scrubbers and several miles of 36″ and 48″ pipeline. After completion the improved facilities will increase the State of Alaska’s declining oil and gas production.

Operations and Maintenance Projects

The company manages and operates the Addison Airport near Dallas, Texas, one of the busiest general aviation and corporate jet airports in the country. The company provides program management and maintenance services to the Miami-Dade Expressway Authority including toll collection operations, toll road system staffing, and toll equipment and maintenance services. Operations and maintenance services are also provided for 90 miles of toll roads and facilities for the Orlando-Orange County Expressway Authority near Orlando, Florida, and for the 12-mile Osceola Parkway in central Florida.

New York/New Jersey Harbor

Expansion to the New York/New Jersey Harbor. The docks are being expanded an additional 200 acres with 6 new cranes being installed as part of the contract along with 12 million cubic yards of dredging for the site. The company is also installing several additional rail lines in and out of the harbor as part of the Express Rail System expansion.

I-90 through Snoqualmie Pass, Washington

BNSF rail line and the upgrading of I-90 through Snoqualmie Pass, Washington where the project includes four new rail bridges, two new highway bridges and the realigning of the Taylor River. The $450 million project is to improve both rail and traffic flow through the Pass for increased highway commerce and increased exports through Seattle and Tacoma Harbors.

Alaska’s Highways 1 and 3 near Wasilla

The construction of new interstate near Alaska’s Highways 1 and 3 near Wasilla. The $360 million contract is for grading, paving, several overpasses and bridges that Alaska’s thriving energy business required. Due to the States Fast Track program what would have taken 3 years in Alaska’s short construction season to complete will be finished in less than a year.

Nevada’s 1-215

The grading of Nevada’s 1-215 Connector Road from Henderson through Las Vegas to North Las Vegas reconnecting to the I-15 North. In the previous six years of construction the company has performed over $700 million in contracts which included 12 bridges, 33 overpasses and the excavation of 22 million cubic yards of rock. Upon its completion the new Interstate will route all traffic not stopping in Las Vegas completely around the city thus lowering the city’s traffic congestion.

Department of Energy’s Hanford, Washington Nuclear Facility

Remedial grading and nuclear waste clean up at the Department of Energy’s Hanford, Washington Nuclear Facility. The company is performing hazardous clean up at the government facility and treats all materials so that they are no longer a threat to humans, wild life or the environment. The company is in its 40th year of clean up at the site.

Colorado’s 1-80 Fwy

Colorado’s 1-80 is being upgraded by Morrison Knudsen for increased commercial traffic and the State’s increasing number of tourists both in the summer and for the winter ski season. Project includes constructing 22 miles of freeway for the project as well as several concrete culverts, truck passing lanes, over passes and animal crossings for the Rocky Mountain wild life. The company is also paving 40 miles of freeway on the project.

McDonald Ranch in Henderson, NV

Construction of McDonald Ranch in Henderson, NV is one of the largest residential sites in the western U.S. The company is responsible for the grading, all infrastructure, civil engineering and paving for the project under a $370 million turn key project.

Lake Las Vegas, NV

Lake Las Vegas approximately 20 miles southeast of Las Vegas, NV where the company is responsible for the grading, engineering and excavation of Lake Las Vegas itself on the 4000 acre residential and casino project. The project calls for 44 million cubic yards of excavation for the homes, streets, drainage channels, storm drains, golf courses and the lake that is constructed under a $650 million contract. It is the largest man made lake for a mixed use residential/commercial project in America.

I-680 and I-880 in Santa Clara, CA

Grading on a Caltrans project near the intersections of I-680 and I-880 in Santa Clara, California area. The $180 million project includes several miles of new freeway, interchanges, frontage roads, the upgrading of diversion channels and the construction of several new bridges. Project was required for increased traffic in and out of California’s Silicon Valley.

The expansion of the Dallas Fort Worth

The expansion of the Dallas Fort Worth airport where the company is performing the grading, drainage and concrete installation under a $220 million contract. Project includes 12 million cubic yards of earthmoving and remedial grading on the site as well as the installation of 300,000 cubic yards of re-enforced concrete. The company is also installing all the upgraded guidance systems for the expanded runways and taxi areas.

Red Creek Mine, Texas

Over burden and contract mining at Red Creek Mine in Texas. The company’s contract requires removal of 60 million cubic yards of over burden at the site along with an additional contract to install all roads, grading for the mine site and constructing a new 30 mile rail line to the project. The company will then start a third contract building the load out structure for the trains.

101 Freeway on the outskirts of Phoenix, Arizona

The construction of the 101 Freeway on the outskirts of Phoenix, Arizona. The freeway is designed as a bypass road for all traffic that does not need to be in downtown Phoenix. The company has a contract to construct 18 miles of new freeway along with several bridges, over passes and water control structures.