Morrison Knudsen - Oil and Gas

Trans Mountain Pipeline Alberta and British Columbia

The Company was the lead contractor when the pipeline was built in the 1950’s where the Company worked through some of the most rugged, inhospitable country on the planet. We ran our crews 24 hours a day to expedite the pipeline’s completion early by an entire year. The Company constructed the marine facilities in Burnaby at the pipeline’s termination. The project opened up Canada’s oil and gas industry where the Company continues performing engineering work on the project today.

Oil Sands

Pipeline and facility construction at Suncor’s Firebag plant north of Ft. McMurray, Alberta. Morrison Knudsen has provided upgrade and construction services to nearly all oilsands plants in northern Alberta. The Company performed the original infrastructure at Syncrude in 1965 which included stripping the site, exploration roads, building the first pipeline from the plant and drilling. The Company later built the roads, bridges and ice bridges for Shells’ Alsands project later re-named Albian. The Company has performed additional work in the area including the construction for a natural gas fired cogeneration plant for a SADG facility, water treatment facilities and a desulfurization unit.

Exxon Mobil


Exxon Mobil’s facility is the second largest oil refinery in the United States located in Baytown, Texas. It has a capacity of 584,000 barrels per day. MK has updated and expanded the site since it first opened in 1919 enabling it to become the largest employer in the city. After our expansion of it in 1988 through 1990, the plant takes up 2,400 acres of land adjacent to the Houston Ship Channel that the company had an integral hand in as well. Today Morrison-Knudsen continues to upgrade the plant to meet the stricter environmental standards required in the petroleum industry.

Chevron Refinery-Concord, California

The Company started construction of the 700,000 barrel a day refinery in 1953 and continues to perform work on the site today. In addition to the refinery itself The Company graded the site, constructed the harbor for the oil tankers and dredged the bay to accommodate the massive 1100 foot ships. We continue to upgrade the refinery for stricter environmental standers and increase the efficiency of the plant along with constantly improving the safety of the site.

Prudhoe Bay

After the first discovery of oil Morrison Knudsen was first to work on every aspect of the new discovery. Since 1969 the Company has built the gathering systems, pump stations, pipelines and the outlying islands in the Bay itself where they are still utilized for oil and gas drilling. The Company built all the original infrastructure for Conoco, ARCO and Exxon including all roads, bridges, utilities and permanent camps in the area.

Alaska Pipeline


Morrison Knudsen and the thousands we employed braved the extreme conditions and isolated terrain and even created special construction techniques to cope with the frozen ground to bring one of the world’s largest pipeline systems to life. The Trans-Alaska Pipeline System includes the trans-Alaska crude-oil pipeline, 11 pump stations, several hundred miles of feeder pipelines, and the Valdez Marine Terminal. An incredibly aggressive schedule, the company built the pipeline and load out facilities over a four year period and one year ahead of schedule. ┬áTerminal excavation included 15 million cubic yards of overburden removal along with 35 million cubic yards of grading to prepare the site.


Lost Cabin Gas Plant, we designed and built three gas processing trains for ConocoPhillips – $400-million Lost Cabin Gas Plant at Lysite WY. Responsibilities included all aspects of engineering and construction for the grassroots facility, from conceptual design through commissioning.

BP Amoco, Toledo Refinery

Morrison-Knudsen has been providing supplemental maintenance services at this 125,000 BPD refinery for decades. Work involves both routine maintenance assignments and turnaround maintenance during shutdown of the various refinery units, including: two crude units, FCC unit, polymer unit, naphtha treater, two reformers, two iso-crackers, alkylation unit, two delayed cookers, hydrogen unit, and sulfur unit. Our BP Toledo project team has worked over seven-million safe hours.


For over 30 years, our company has been continuously providing a full range of services to ExxonMobil throughout the world. During this period, we have performed over 200 projects, some exceeding $1 billion. Today, our work for ExxonMobil continues under multiple contracts for EPC services for gas processing, oil & gas development and infrastructure projects (at Sakhalin Island and elsewhere), global logistics, vendor surveillance, and upstream quality engineering services.

Canadian Oil Sands FGD Project

The Comapany is providing detailed engineering and procurement services for Syncrude’s multimillion-dollar Emissions Reduction Project in Alberta, Canada. The project will retrofit a flue gas desulfurization (FGD) system into the operation of the two existing fluid cookers at Syncrude’s synthetic crude oil production site in Mildred Lake to reduce sulfur dioxide emissions by half. Previously, Morrison-Knudsen provided conceptual engineering, preliminary engineering and procurement, and pre-construction planning services for the project.