Comanche Station

Comanche Station – Morrison-Knudsen had the publics best interest in mind when we built Colorado’s first advanced, highly efficient, supercritical coal unit that can generate more electricity with less fuel. As the states most efficient coal-fired power plant, it saves their customers money because it displaces higher cost electric generating units and reduces the need to purchase additional electricity from other sources. Also, largely thanks to the construction techniques, Comanche Station is the first plant in Colorado to control mercury emissions.

The Robert W Scherer Power Plant

The Robert W Scherer Power Plant (also known as Plant Scherer) is a coal-fired power plant in Juliette, Georgia, just north of Macon, Georgia, in the United States. The plant has four units, each producing 880 megawatts. On this project the company installed a total of 1,432 micropiles (61,000 linear feet). MK used a sophisticated testing methodology to maximize the frictional bearing capacity of the rock strata, thus resulting in shorter micropiles, which saved the owner in excess of $5M and reduced the overall construction schedule.

Laguna Verde Nuclear Power Plant (LVNPP)


Laguna Verde Nuclear Power Plant (LVNPP) is located on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, in Alto Lucero, Veracruz, Mexico. It is the largest nuclear power plant in Mexico and produces about 4.5% of the country’s electrical energy. Thanks in part to Morrison-Knudsen’s stellar construction, the plant received several awards including the National Quality Award!

J. Robert Welsh Power Plant

The company went “Texas big” building the J. Robert Welsh Power Plant. A three unit base load, coal fired, electrical power station located southeast of Mount Pleasant, Texas in Titus County. All three units use sub-bituminous coal mined from the Powder River Basin where the company is a leading contractor in mine development and mining.


Callaway Nuclear Power Plant


Callaway Nuclear Power Plant, Unit 1, Steam Generator Replacement – Awarded Platts Global Energy Award, ENR/McGraw-Hill Construction Energy Construction Project of the Year. SGT LLC, a Morrison-Knudsen/AREVA NP joint venture company, provided engineering, project management, licensing, training, and construction services. Work was completed in a record-breaking time of 63 days and 13 hours, besting the previous record for any previous steam generator replacement outage duration by one day and three hours. This project also set world records for steam generator replacement contractor window duration of 32.7 days and a world record for reactor coolant system cut-to-fill duration of 31.6 days for a four loop Westinghouse unit.

Pleasant Prairie Power Plant (P4)


Pleasant Prairie Power Plant (P4) – Our company is providing complete services for an Air Quality Control System (AQCS) facility-NOX reduction (SCR) and S02 reduction (FGD). Services for this two-unit plant (each unit 600 MW) include overall project management, design and engineering integration, equipment supply, installation, testing/commissioning and training.

National Enrichment Facility (NEF)


National Enrichment Facility (NEF) – The $1.5 billion NEF in Southeastern New Mexico is the first major nuclear facility to be licensed in the U.S. in three decades, and the first ever to be awarded a combined construction and operating license. Morrison-Knudsen is providing construction and construction management for this uranium enrichment facility, which will produce enriched uranium that can then be used in the manufacture of nuclear fuel rods required to operate the country’s commercial nuclear power plants. The NEF is the first new nuclear civil construction in last 25 years.


Engineering Services for Advanced Nuclear Reactor Design – We are providing nuclear engineering and related services in support of the commercial deployment of GE’s most advanced reactor design, the ESBWR. The company is providing engineering, selected procurement, construction, pre-operational testing, and start-up services for the nuclear island portion of the ESBWR and will provide support to obtain NRC certification. The company expects to participate in construction of the ESBWR units as the design is selected for potential new nuclear plant projects.

Savannah River Site

Savannah River Site – For almost 20 years, we managed this 310-square-rnile multi-purpose site for the DOE near Aiken, South Carolina. Responsibilities include: operating and modernizing the nation’s only tritium processing facilities; managing the nations largest plutonium handling and storage facilities; coordinating extensive hazardous facility operations, closure and remediation activities; operating the nations largest high-level nuclear waste vitrification facility, managing extensive waste management operations and directing the activities of the Savannah River National Laboratory.

Hanford River Corridor

Hanford River Corridor – Valued by the DOE at approximately $1.9 billion, our company is completing the cleanup of the DOE’s Hanford site along the Columbia River in southeastern Washington state. Included in the scope of work for the project is placing deactivated plutonium production reactors-some of them dating back to the 1940 – in interim safe storage (also known as cocooning), cleaning up waste sites and burial grounds located near the Columbia River, demolishing contaminated facilities and operating an environmental restoration disposal facility.

Idaho National Laboratory (INL)

Idaho Closure Project – Our company is part of a team managing the $2.9 billion environmental cleanup of the Idaho National Laboratory (INL) site in Eastern Idaho. The contract calls for safely cleaning up the 890-square-mile site-including treatment and disposal of radioactive waste, retrieval, disposal, and other remediation related to buried waste, safe management of spent nuclear fuel, disposition of nuclear materials, disposition of reactor and non-reactor nuclear facilities and other environmental remediation activities. Our company helps maintain the laboratory’s national leadership in nuclear power and other scientific programs. The contract, which runs through at least 2014, is valued at approximately $4.8 billion. The multi-program laboratory employs about 3,000 people in a variety of scientific and operational tasks.

Los Alamos National Laboratory

Our company is part of a team that manages and operates Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) in northern New Mexico. The company’s primary role in the $14-billion contract is to safely manage the lab’s nuclear and other technically complex operations to support the advancement of science and the safety and security of the country.