Prudhoe Bay


In conjunction with building the original infrastructure for oil production in Prudhoe Bay in 1969, the Company was further tasked with constructing the drilling islands well away from the shore. Starting in 1980 the Company built Seal Island, Mukluk, Northstar, Endicott, Gull, Resolution Island in Prudhoe Bay. The drill islands ranged in size from 20 to 55 acres with the largest being Mukluk which included 5.5 million cubic yards of dredging and excavation under a $100 million contract. The work was performed in 70 below weather with no lost time and months ahead of schedule. Additional work included 120 miles of roads leading to the islands and the placement of 2,000,000 tons of rip rap for the completed structures. Mukluk remains the biggest man made island in North America enjoying 36 years of having that designation.