Dalton Highway


The Company constructed the northern half of the landmark Dalton highway from Fairbanks to Dead Horse, Alaska under a staggering six month schedule. The 220 miles were constructed non-stop, 24 hours a day in the interest of fast tracking one of the Company’s signature accomplishments: the Alaska Pipeline. The highway was desperately needed to transport man, materiel and supplies for the completion of the pipeline and avoid costly and slow deliveries by plane and sea. The Company finished the project three months ahead of schedule and constructed one of the largest bridges in the northern hemisphere, the E.L. Patton Bridge which crossed the Yukon River.

Morrison Knudsen was picked for this incredibly complex project for its experience in Alaska starting in the 1940’s where we built the town of Whittier, its harbor and the Army camp. Shortly after the conclusion of Word War Two we started the construction of the Richardson Highway from Valdez to Fairbanks where the Company has performed work up until 2008.